Monday, May 16, 2011

A New Chapter in the Telarus Story

This week marks some very important milestones in the development of Telarus from a 2-man shop to industry super-power. Our technology, training, and physical facilities are getting major upgrades in the next few days that will pave the road to the future and help us scale like we've never been able to before.

On Friday, May 20 we will be relocating to our new office in Sandy, Utah. The new location has over 5,000 sq feet of office space and comes repleat with a nice conference room, an operation center (with 4 LCD monitors that will allow our team to literally watch the progress of all of our agent's orders in the carrier provisioning process), rooms for all executives and directors, a break room, a war room (covered in white dry-erase paint so IT can draw up details plans and brainstorm together), and a very nice reception area for our guests to check-in when they visit us.

On the technology side, we have made huge progress toward the automation of carrier order paperwork. Right now we are 100% fully-integrated with Comcast Business Class. Time Warner Cable is coming shortly, and by the end of this year we hope to have as many Data T1 carrier's paperwork automated as possible. This automation will allow agents who have to or choose to play on the low end of the product spectrum to be efficient - keeping the ROT (Retrun on Time) investment in proper balance. The lower the MRC, the less time it should take to process an order.
The last area in which we've made massive progress in the past month is in the area of Agent Training. We've produced 9 different videos that explain to our newer agents (we've added over 100 in the past 60 days) exactly how our back office works, how to get quotes, where to see how much they get paid, etc. Prior to that, each training session would have to be produced by one of our four channel managers, each and every time. It was a huge burden on our staff to on-board all of our new partners and this new training will allow them to spend more time discussing specific deals and sales opportunities and less time teaching which buttons to push to generate real-time quotes.

It's pretty safe to say Telarus is now on very firm ground in terms of office space, technology, training, and overall morale, which has never been higher. Being chosen as one of Comcast's exclusive three master agents has forced us to make these changes, to mature in a hurry, and to create the necessary software and processes to allow us to scale.

And scale we will.

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